The T.V. Chotipitzhunt, Thailand a senior member of the National Committee for Communicable Diseases, said

that preparations are now being made for a vaccine based on a plan to vaccinate at-risk individuals, who are not only medical personnel, but can be dispatched within a week of the vaccine’s delivery

which may now be available.Outside of Yu by the person in charge of the negotiations.

“It’s useful to get through the registration because it’s not easy to get through the committee of inquiry, even if it’s an emergency registration,” T.V. said.

For the damage caused by the vaccine, depending on the difference between individuals

the vaccine will be voluntary, but if the damage from the vaccine is real, the state will pay for the damage.

In addition, there are reports of vaccine efficacy decline in some highly contagious countries, such as England

Brazil, and South Africa, where vaccine companies are planning to develop a vaccine in some way

such as a second needle vaccine that could be produced from a new strain.

For vaccinations in Thailand, not for pregnant women, but for those who have been infected

with Covid-19, if treatment is longer than three months, the vaccine should be given, because the immunization rate may be low.

Currently, all over the world, there is a vaccine against Covid 19 and about 100 million doses

and Israel has already injected 55% of the total population, which found the infection rate to be 30% lower, while

the pros and cons of the vaccine cannot be answered, which is a matter of constant follow-up.

The side effects are likely to occur because of the introduction of a biofuel, with the majority of

the side effects occurring being a fever, while the saline injection produces 50% of the side effects

and the case of severe side effects that have been found to be in hospital from the vaccine found 0.7% close to that found from the 0.8% saline injection.

In the case of the phaser vaccine, 11 out of 1 million doses were reported, and in

the case of Moderna’s vaccine, 3.7 out of 1 million doses, and the flu vaccine

one out of 1 million doses, 95% of which were for women, and 95% were after 15 minutes.That’s why I have to wait. Thailand

For the use of 4-5 million doses of vaccine by Sinovac in China, Indonesia and Myanmar, no results have been reported yet, which are still in the process of investigating applications for registration.

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