Culture, culture, or culture, or TV pool, the famous entertainment reporter posted a picture in Instagram last Thursday (28 January 64) of a group of men standing close together to take a picture, each wearing only underwear, describing a picture as missing from a party in a famous hotel.

“It’s off again. The party at the hotel is famous.” Tada, TV pool, I.D.

entertainment This disclosure took place on the same day

that a Facebook user posted a group photo at a party where the NBT reporter

Mr. Yodi attended. This advertiser later found out that he was infected with the 2019 Corona virus.

That’s a party of NBT advertisers stuck in the red zone!

Such a party, the poster Facebook user claims to have been held on the 16th at a hotel in Bangkok’s royal district

which is consistent with the information that

the Minister has disclosed that he is having dinner with a friend on the same day.

However, there’s no confirmation that

the photos that the TV pool posted came from such a party or were taken when.

A sniper cameraman, a paparazzi at the NBT, has been holding a press conference on the past 16 years at a dry hotel.

One King’s will, the City of Templar.

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By Mia


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