The Tribune court ordered a one-year prison sentence for “Grand Yobaubeau” to fine 25,000 baht for a false rent ad, to serve a one-year sentence.

Today, on the 4th of July, the Tribune Court, the prosecutor filed a lawsuit against you, Yang Buenh, an actress, for your joint advertising campaign.For the sake of the quality or quality of false food or false pretensions, and to promote the quality or quality of food without permission.

In the event of a lawsuit, on the 21st of Q63, the defendant advertised the benefits of the food supplements,

the restraints, the rental tanks, the Uzitu compound through

the phone.The view that older people with bone and knee problems get up with back pain after

three months of eating, now there’s no pain at all, wants to tell older people with knee problems

which is a targeted advertisement that such a food product acts like a “medicine.

And to join the company, Mr. Perfect Media Limited, an ad for the benefit of the quality of the lease extract,

for the benefit of the commercial without review and without permission from the defendant, who has submitted a confession.

While the court has ruled that the defendant is guilty of perjury, all offences are punishable under section 91 of the Criminal Code.

Two years in prison and a fine of 50,000 baht, which

the defendant admitted reduced to half his sentence under Section 78 to one year in prison and 25,000 baht in prison, pending a sentence of one year.

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By Mia


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