The cashier dream was that someone would write a fortune-teller asking for four lottery tickets, two 1st prize winners, 12 million won, plans to build a parent-care home, two other kids, trust the store owner to make a fortune, and the reward for the hard work they’ve done for their parents.

On February 16th, 2564 reporters reported that in the United States, after a government share prize was issued, on February 16th, 2564 a lucky girl was employed at a cashier shop, a new sister store, the Super Napothi Market, a bee house market, a city of New York.The owner of the shop is a 49-year-old astrologer, including a restaurant employee who is congratulating the award-winning maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or a 20-year-old baby brother. Working as a regular cashier with two winning government raffles, number 424603, bringing together colleagues and shop owners to cheer.

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