“Puong cult” Chancellor, Minister of the Digital Ministry of Economy and Social Affairs (DES) as Vice “Puong cult” of the National People’s Party, revealed the N.N.I.N. press office that Congressmen in the National People’s Party are still tight.

The inner part of the party has been divided into three groups, so it must be understood that there have been already groups, such as the central group, the northern group, the regional group, and the southern group, which are close, so let’s not call it a split, because, by and large, the party has a system of meetings of the party’s executive board, and so on.There is a consensus on each issue, which may be a little mixed, but the members of the People’s Party respect the majority of the party’s views, which rarely, or rarely, see a strong opposition from the party. I must admit, it’s normal for a lot of people to have close friends, little ones, but I would remind you that everyone respects the party’s rules and can live together, which doesn’t seem to be a problem without a normal conversation.

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