Parents hired a 6-month-old babysitter after three days of brain swelling, rupture of the neck, bleeding in the abdomen.

Parents hired The reporter received a tip from 26-year-old Joe and a 24-year-old gold maiden, two husband-and-wife

who led a little girl named Titley Hay.At the age of six months

a foster home can only be provided for three days

and the foster home reports that the son slipped into the bathroom, causing severe illness

staying in the ICU of the hospital, suffering from brain swelling, mysterious abdominal bleeding

and therefore, the department responsible for verifying the facts of the accident or the incident

travels to investigate the incident.A village, a county. His Majesty’s death.

Mr. Joe and the Golden Daughter revealed that her husband and wife were working at the Rose Industrial Corporation.

Previously on Desperate Housewives…My father raised me

but I saw that I was very old, so I agreed to bring you in and hire a babysitter, so I went into the facebook group

found a babysitter, met a two-husband-wife, and was advised to stay close to the house at work

and then we could go to you

and I took your son to the babysitter on the morning of the 23rd.But seeing my son in the house

he didn’t come in because he was afraid you’d curl up and sing.

Until the evening of the 24th

the nanny made a phone call to her office and told her to buy herself some hot medicine

some antibiotics and some baby stuff.

So they bought it at home and got a tip from the nanny that her son slipped into the bathroom

but it was fine

and now he’s asleep, so he doesn’t get scared to sing and come home until the morning of the 25th

when the nanny calls himself, says he has a seizure

he comes to the hospital early, he and his wife rush to the hospital

and he sees his face swollen.Bruised, blacked out of control.

The hospital authorities cleaned up their son’s records to deliver him to the hospital, because the boy was seriously ill

didn’t feel enough to go to the hospital, and the doctor immediately took him to the ICU

and the nurse talked to himself, that the boy had brain hemorrhage

like a sore throat or a spike in his throat

and now he’s home with a severe hemorrhage.We’ll see about that’s it.

They’ve been on a daily record at the Health Service so

that the police can investigate the cause of the nanny

which they don’t believe to be the cause of her own collapse and serious death

but if there’s a real accident, they won’t be impressed

but if the nanny’s actions take place, and they want those involved to follow up and examine.Good for yourself.

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By Mia


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