In the aftermath of the violent shooting of the heart of Kraj on February 8 and 9, 2563 there were 30 fatalities and 58 casualties

which resulted in injuries and pain for the Krajans and the entire nation, hard to forget.

Last January 1st, 2564 Facebook Sumalee Pratoomnun posted and updated the latest symptom of

Congressman Gauru or Eid from the 26th Orinatorean unit that was shot in the head during a cease-fire at Terminal 21 Krach.

A year of life record. “Eed the reaper 26.”

“A few days to the end of the year, “Ed,” the congressman’s theory, is that a 26-year-old

officer of the Orinatra unit was hospitalized by a gunshot wound in the morning of February 9th at the Terminal 21st.

In the aftermath “Bullshit slugged through the head, some left, some right.”

The story of one of the operatives in LG’s class, it’s good to know how risky those front-line operatives are.

Ed was shot in the right head, had two brain surgeries, and was transferred to a police hospital in March last year

during which time he was detained for 14 days after returning from a meeting in Sweden and visited immediately that day

Seeing Ed’s condition and admitting that his knee fell to the ground, all

the way up to his chest that afternoon holding Ed’s hand until the end of his visit to comfort him with a friend.

Because the wife has to.go out to do a lot of paperwork

After that, every visit was a crybaby outside the room, but what became of

Ed’s urge to provide everything to recover was Ed’s constant struggle with Cherry, Ed’s wife, to get back to normal.Vulture

along with the love of the reindeer 26 brothers and the reindeer 261 who came in turn to visit, invested heavily in relief.

Thank you for your friendly advice and advice to a very skilled physiotherapist who has implanted needles

and electric stimuli to keep Ed alive, and today stands Tilt and Ed will be home soon

but it will take many years to restore himself to life.

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