The son of a 44-year-old press who had been out of touch for seven months was expected by a jealous group to clear her debt, and her house was being sold.

Today, July 10th, 17-year-old Nemit, a public defender of the Crown J. Buryum, joined the media in a plea for justice after the announcement.With the Royal Council of Justice J. Buryum missing for seven months, but no press has been made in the case, so there’s a concern that she might be in danger.

My son tells me her name is Mrs. Ladda, 44, after she learned that her current mother’s name is Hong Kong, about February 2563 when she was in business.Some business with the Third Wings of King J. Buryum himself knows that she transfers 20,000-400,000 baht each time, which amounts to more than 3 million baht.

Plus, the 18th estate deed and the current home deed are all part of the investment. When I found out I stopped you, I didn’t want you to.I got involved because I was afraid I’d be fooled, but you didn’t listen until there was a divorce dispute, and you kept in touch with her.

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