Lives hanged me after my mother died in a car accident, and the couple promised to heal before the law.

(27th C. 64) at 9:30 p.m., the Joint Undertaking and the Coast Guard joined forces.

Guan traveled to an apartment located in a dragon alley in April, the city of J.C.

after receiving information from the Soviets that a man living in such an apartment had

been given a live life through a personal Facebook account saying

that he was thinking of hurting himself by strangling himself.

Lives When the authorities arrived, they took a photo of the man, interrogated

the residents of the apartments until they found out that he was staying

Living in room 412 the officer rushed up the stairs to the fourth floor until he found the room

so the officer knocked on the door to check until a man whose description was identical to that of the public had opened

the door in shock, while the man who had met the reporter asked for his photograph not to be recorded, and allowed

the paramedic to speak to the room alone after 8 p.m

The minute such a man cooled down before he stepped out.Room and follow the officer downstairs with a story. Lives

31-year-old Mr. A told me that one used to work as a driver before he quit because of personal problems.W

combined with the poison of Kovid 19, back in 2563 his mother was in a car accident turned around in a no-fly zone

causing her mother, who didn’t make it to the brake in time

to be seriously injured after she was admitted to the Crown Prince Hospital. For more

than a week, my mother was killed in a gas station accident, and Deputy Director

Choi has failed to address the area of responsibility of Kokkam County officials

have now learned that the driver is a good match for a police officer.Ten major police

officers were stationed in a police station in Pumphani province, who were on

their way to interrogate the investigators before being charged with negligent driving and causing death.

One has brought one’s mother to pray at the temple of one of the king’s provinces

during which the funeral ceremony.The two of them went to the church almost every

night and spoke to each other normally after the funeral was over, so the investigators set up

a meeting and the two of them went into the first round and called for $1 million

but the two of them refused to make a deal until time went by, so

the couple called to pay 3.5 million and claimed they had more money from the other

side.I know the case car didn’t do it’ P.B. Before you know it.The route to the coroner’s

office and the signature of the 3.5 billion-dollar offer of treatment, as agreed, was transferred by the couple, who now have more than 300,000 dollars.

Until more than a year later, he didn’t get any money from the DEA

according to a couple’s alibi.The Internet became aware of the fact that the

FBI couldn’t pay such a large amount of money

so they quickly contacted each other to investigate the facts

but the two parties replied that they had agreed to sign the acceptance documents in front of the investigators.

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