begging On January 29, 2564, a reporter from Mother Teresa reported that the COVID-19 situation in the mother Teresa area was aggravated by reports from

the mother Teresa Health Service that a nurse in the mother’s hospital was infected with COVID-19, which resulted in the detention of a medical personnel close to the nurse, due to the fact that the nurse had to work several times.The work includes keeping the patients in custody,

the patients on the floor of the mother’s hospital building for 14 days. He was distracted that the personnel might not be enough.

While the 4th Army Border Squadron, from the illegal immigrant extraction company,

the 3rd Army, together with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, 346 and the ruling A.M.S.O., conducted surveillance patrols in the responsible area, the trans-natural port, the new Mother House, the 9th Man-in-Chief, the 9th Man-in-Chief, and the 9th Man-in-Chief.Like Mr. Wenhao, 27 years old, Chinese, you said Mr. Wenhao, 24 years old, Chinese, illegally smuggled across borders.

begging  According to the inspection, no documents were found to enter the kingdom,

the arresting officers coordinated the immigration checkpoints in the provinces, performed a temperature check, and proceeded with the normal procedure.

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By Mia


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