Hunting The fortune teller tricked the house into wrapping the white cloth for the coronation

telling it not to open the clock again, and there was left with nothing.

(January 1, 64) Four residents of Yang N.C. J. Buryum filed a complaint against Yuan N.C. Engineering

Deputy Superintendent of the General Assembly. J. Buryum, to frame a 32-year-old scientist or Dr. Tack for allegedly stealing cash and gold during the coronation.

A 39-year-old TV guy, one of the victims, said earlier that people said “Dr. Tack” looked so good

that they wanted to try it because Dr. Tack didn’t.As luck would have it, Dr. Taggs immediately said that the bad guy would lose his money, make a hard trade, but there’s a way to solve it with extra money, but there’s a ceremony in two or two rooms.

Hunting Mr. Twee said he was afraid of being deceived at first, but when he heard Dr. Tack say that all

the money and gold would be tied to the candles at the ceremony, he said he was afraid he’d be deceived.He wrapped

the gold and the money in white cloth and put it in a cupboard so no one could see it for himself, so he believed because he kept it alone, he took four baht of gold, one baht of heavy bracelet, 5,000 baht of cash.

During the ceremony, all the white cloth was wrapped around the body to calm the mind after

Dr. Tack wrapped the white cloth, took off the veil to put it in another white bag and put it in

the key-box, but could open the white cloth after 3 days, 7 days, or keep it until the end of the ceremony

after 3 days, it would take money to open the gold and the money.The work we did together was all the same. Some real gold turned into fake gold.

Just like the 46-year-old Honorary Officer, revealed that Dr. Tack’s methods of looking after doctors are the same, initially, he wanted to put gold in white cloth for 46 days, the same age as his own, according to Dr. Tack’s advice.

The contractor was prepared to sign the contract, so I called Dr. Tagg, and I got an answer that

the contract would be open before it was necessary to open, but when the contract was open, it turned out that the gold bracelet was two baht, two baht, one baht, and 80,000 baht of cash, all gone, all kept in good condition, so

Dr. Tack would probably have to wear a cloak between them.A lot of them are missing, but they haven’t filed a complaint yet.

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By Mia


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