Governor Krach Today (January 26, 2564) reporter John

the Royal received a complaint from the villagers that the present day peppers are the most expensive and expensive to find.It turns out Governor Krach that the more expensive pepper is red pepper, not rat poop, which has been expensive since December 2563 last year.

The Priestess says that where the store buys many kinds of peppers from the local fresh market

both rat peppers, red peppers, green peppers and large peppers

as the locals call them, the most expensive peppers now will be red peppers

which the price will look at at the size if the small ones, 2-3 centimeters

will sell 24 more peppers at 10 baht, but the price will be eight baht

The average price is almost one baht per meal

because when you put it together, it’s a beautiful color and it’s a very varied menu.And the stripes

And the green peppers, or the raw 18-19 peppers, will be sold for five baht.

Which is why the price of red peppers is so high, probably from the South

which is a flood-prone area, causing crop damage, crop failure, so the red peppers are out of the market

middle and market traders are taking the opportunity to split the peppers into fries for profit

making customers buy at the same price, but getting the peppers in the same quantity. Red pepper will only be 100 baht per kilogram, green pepper will cost 37 baht per kilogram, which is now an expensive pepper problem for every province.Almost all of them. a toast, say, &c.

On the other hand, the high-rise consulate, bringing the red-covered province into the solar market

the red-coded county, to check the price after the black-coded engineer

the red-coded governor learned about it and was concerned about the case

so he ordered the civil service to investigate the matter.Two sides to the production and marketing side

and the production side, the farmers start growing peppers in May-June.

It takes about 90 days to grow, produce about 2,000 grams per farm

produce a lot and cook quickly in hot weather.

On the marketing side, the manufacturer bought a lot of peppers from the ubiquitous typhoon, rice, and

Thai markets from the outbreak of the Corona virus, making transportation quite difficult

combined with late December 2563 cold weather, causing low production and slow production, making prices in

the late 20th century second only to the beginning.Prices have been rising

but nowadays, with the situation starting to ease, the situation is getting hotter.

Peppers are normally produced in combination with rye.

The government has become more relaxed with the start of transportation

which has brought prices back to normal, prices delivered on

the market at 140-150 baht per month, extra costs 160-170 baht per month

and a downward trend that is close to last year’s prices, however, with the concern of

the governor of the state not to raise the prices.In recent years, the Secretary of State said,

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By Mia


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