Exploiting the old daughter opened up after a 68-year-old Internet mom drove her sick son to dialysis.

The progress of Facebook member “Trickster, Electrician, Crocodile City” reveals photos of elderly women riding side-by-side motorbikes and

their sons.There’s a condition in which a kidney is taken to a certain area of the Earth’s airlock

where the trunk of a motorcycle has a large warning sign depicting the need to look after one’s son, images and texts that shock the audience.

The late Mr. Chandra, a dockyard clerk or a tugger, who was the photographer, went to this old lady’s house to interrogate and help out in the first place.

Exploiting the I know her name is a healthy, 68-year-old chick, and a 37-year-old boy with a stroke cannot move normally.

Which requires dialysis three days a week.

Speaking of angry grandmothers, two of them are dead, and you’re not rich enough to work in Bangkok.Only a mother has to look after her sick son.

Nowadays, grumpy grandmothers earn a living from burning coal and making potato gardens

that don’t have a lot of space during the non-production period, find vegetables and grill fish for extra money

when they’re full.The requirement to take your son to a kidney wash will put a truck in the sidecar

which will be signposted to a fellow travellers, driving carefully along the way.

And his son revealed his heart through the good citizen who helped him feel sorry for his mother for taking care of him

when he should have had his first rest.Suffering from a ruptured brain vessel, one can’t speak or help oneself

but lately, trying physical therapy has been able to talk and move a little, and these days, I don’t want to be a burden, but I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been reading it and people come in for help from time to time.

If a saint wants to help his family, he wants to share his burden, wants a car to

take him to the dialysis hospital because he doesn’t want his elderly mother to drive.More pick-up.

Those in need of help can either contact the obnoxious lady directly by phone number 063-135-6643, or

they can come in and help buy her obnoxious merchandise.

At home, in the 9th grade area, some sunshots, some global poison.

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By Mia


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