1. behavior the budget.

Some people think that the budget is more than what they had before. Architects will have designed the house to be beautiful, big first, so that it will be worthwhile, or some think that the budget is less. Because later will definitely escalate Both of these thoughts caused problems. Because the architect is responsible for designing and predicting that the designed house will have approximately the estimated construction cost. If he knows the budget figures that are not realistic The one that came out might be too big or too luxurious. Can’t be built as designed Or sparse too I did not like our owners. When the actual budget came to answer later Often have to go back and go back and edit in a new way. Causing waste of time and effort on both sides by reason

2. Seek additional consultants outside the industry. At the timing of too late

Fortune Teller, elders, elders, father-in-law, mother-in-law are a good adviser. (And influence) in life for sure But if allowing the design process to pass, then seek advice from non-industry consultants. Often causing frustrating problems later Because the preferences and experiences of each person are different. And many times, each person has principles that are difficult to guess by outsiders. (Especially fortune teller Feng Shui) If we think we will believe in these consultants. Should have him come in as a consultant from the very beginning of the design, not waiting for a long time to design and then solve the secret character with the architect. Because these secret characters did not know the origin of the design from the beginning. May create a surprise to the point of failure Which led to distress with the architect Because he is required to demand additional services for the new job. And we also have to waste more time. It is best to get these advisors involved from the beginning. And as few as possible Because a lot of people have a lot of fun

3. Think that an architect is an employee. Or subordinates behavior

Even though we are not interested, but have already wasted money. However, he has to do it to our liking in the end. Design work is custom made, it requires co-operation between the employer and the employed person. (And the work of many parties) homeowners have to do their own homework to some extent. For example, knowing what you want What kind of house do you like to live in and communicate with the architects? As if working in a group Process for each submission Both sides needed to sit down and talk. Understand in kind And both did homework Of course, there may be technical terms or things that the homeowner never knew about, such as legal regulations, directions, sunlight, or materials, but if the landlord understood it, it will help make the design work smoother. If you keep listening Or just order Would be difficult to make the results satisfactory behavior

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